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Secrets to Marketing your Wellness MLM

Nov 20, 2018

Black Friday is coming - and it's a barrage of emails and spammy promos!  Learn how to avoid spamming your MLM sales graphics everywhere, and actually make more sales doing it! I'm recapping why posting your sales graphic doesn't work, and also how to get people attracted to your home business. Grow your...

Nov 12, 2018

This is our FIRST user submitted question!

If you have a full time job, you'll want to listen and ensure you are doing the things that give you the best chance to grow your business.  

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Nov 9, 2018

If you are looking to market your products and have people reach out to you, there is a phrase that you just need to avoid, yet people say it all the time. 

Learn what phrase confuses people and turns them off, and what you should be saying instead.

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Oct 28, 2018

Do you ever encounter objections about money when talking to a network marketing or MLM prospect? 

Today I'm talking about why your prospects say that, and what to do about it.  

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Oct 22, 2018

Do you get annoyed when someone tries to pitch you on something? 
Do you roll your eyes when someone tries to sell you something? 
If so, you may be having problems in network marketing. 

In this episode, I cover why you need to pay more attention to pitching and selling.

I also cover whether or not your mindset about...