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Monetize Your Social

Dec 30, 2020

Are you on Clubhouse? Do you need to be as a network marketer? How to get an invite? And more. (This episode will help you if you're in network marketing and MLM.) 

Find me at Clubhouse at @sorayagoddard 
Key Points:

  1. Make a bio - no limit on characters.  Look at other people’s and copy the format. 
  2. Contribute to discussions as you see fit - but don’t be shy. Ask questions.
  3. Host rooms / chats.  It’s well worth it.   I’m hosting one on12/30/20 on Social Media for Network Marketers in 2021  at 2 pm Eastern / 1 Central. 
  4. Go in with the idea of networking and providing value.
  5. Cross promote - don’t abandon the things that are working for you right now. 


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