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Monetize Your Social

Mar 27, 2019

Tips to Not Lose Your Mind with a Full Time Job AND a Business⁣

🔥 HAVE ONE BIG BUSINESS GOAL / TASK PER DAY. This is the thing you HAVE to do, and usually should be prioritized to be done as soon as possible. And yes, sometimes "as soon as possible" is 10 pm. ⁣

🔥 GIVE YOURSELF SOME GRACE AND STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. You are making it happen, and as long as you are taking aligned action, you're making progress. It is happening and you are already doing what you need to be doing.⁣

🔥 ELIMINATE AS MUCH OF THE SMALL TASKS IN YOUR LIFE AS POSSIBLE. Hire a housecleaner, someone to help organize, get groceries delivered, shop online, or whatever saves time. Redirect that time to the really key income producing activities that makes sales and money (usually finding new customers and doing follow up with existing ones). ⁣

🔥 TAKE TIME OFTEN FOR YOURSELF. Do something that reminds you WHY you are doing this and fills you with joy. ⁣

🔥SLEEP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Sleep will make you sharper and more productive and clear-headed during what little time you have. ⁣

🔥 DID I MENTION NOT COMPARING YOURSELF? It's worth repeating. 💓⁣

What would you add to this list? ⁣ Possibly Journaling, Meditation, Working out, Eating Clean, etc.

Also, let's talk about the 3 things I think you have to do if you are busy for time. (minimum DMO):
1. Reach out and prospect people – i.e. ask them if they are open
2. Create 1 piece of attraction marketing with a solid call to action
3. Do something for self-development

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